MANU ANDES & PARROTS CLAY LICK 4 days /3 nights (Bus-Bus)

Copyright  MANU CAIMAN DAY 1.-An early departure from Cusco is necessary to prepare for the full day's activity from the highlands down into the lush Cloud Forest. Leaving Cusco, we will pass through the town of Paucartambo, known as the region's folklore centre. The next stop is at the vantage point of Tres Cruces (3,950m/12,950ft) for an overview of the Amazon Basin. After spending some time here, we'll descend through different ecological floors. Along the way, we may see various types of endemic flora and fauna such as, butterflies, flowers, giant tree ferns and orchids, monkeys, Andean deer, birds of all kinds like Oropendolas and tanagers. Late in the afternoon, we will arrive to the San Pedro area, home of Peru's National bird that is "the Cock of the Rock" and the spectacled bear -the only bear found in South America. Overnight at our Paradise Lodge.

Copyright  MANU CAIMAN DAY 2.-After our first night in the Cloud Forest, we have a pre-breakfast walk to possibly watch the spectacular Cock of the Rock, displaying in a mating ritual that daily takes place in a lek where between eight to ten male individuals perform for a female. Returning to our camp site for a hearty breakfast, we prepare to continue our ride to the village of Pilcopata, from where will start our hike to the native community of Huacaria, on the way we can see the exuberant and beautiful swallow's waterfall, here we will have the opportunity to observe their culture and typical way of living, This Huachipaire ethnic group will share with us their typical food and will allow us to hike their trails and swim in their rivers. Late in the afternoon, we will return to Pilcopata to spend the night in a cosy lodge.

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DAY 3.-Today, after breakfast we still have a half hour ride to Atalaya where we will board our canoe that will take us to our Manu Amazon Lodge situated on the banks of the mighty Alto Madre de Dios River. Here we will spend the day exploring the surrounding area and very interesting trails that will show us this amazing ecosystem in a little oxbow lake and mysterious swamp where we can see the prehistoric Hoatzin, some Caimans, Capibaras, Dusky Titi monkeys, and different species of birds. And have the opportunity to swim in the river. After dinner, we will hear various sounds of the Amazonian night like the Night Monkey, world's only nocturnal primate, the Kalinowski Rat, numerous species of frogs, Great Potoos and the Pigmy Owl, among many others inhabitants of the night.

Copyright  MANU CAIMAN DAY 4.-This is our last day in this part of the rain forest, After a comfortable night sleep in our Lodge, very early we will have 10 minutes boat ride down the river to observe loudly parrot and macaw clay lick where many different species of Parrots, parakeets and macaws give a colourful show. Then we will board our motorized boat back to the lodge for our last breakfast in the Jungle. Then we will continue in our boat to Atalaya our vehicle is waiting for the ride back to Cusco, stopping for lunch at our Paradise Lodge.
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