CAIMAN SAC, Manu Jungle Specialist

manucaiman As a tour operator, we specialize in ecotourism, adventure travel, cultural programs and bespoke itineraries in the Manu National Park, whilst endeavoring to minimize impact on the environment.

We have the exclusive rights to use the CAIMAN Camp under the terms of an agreement with the Peruvian Government and the Manu National Park administration, making us one of just a handful of agencies permitted to use an area inside the Manu National Park to develop eco-tours such as those we present on the following pages.

His twenty five years experience operating in Manu has taught our General Manager that the conservation of this incomparably biodiverse area must be a priority. As a company, we make every effort to give our visitors a truly natural experience, so that they too will understand the importance of preserving the Amazonian forest.

Caiman is a member of ECOTUR MANU an organization formed by those companies authorized to operate within the Manu National Park and whose principal goal is the development of sustainable ecotourism in the park and the provision of a high quality service to our customers.